Motivated and committed group of professionals receptive to latest innovations.
A passionate & fashion oriented design team backed up with a high tech studio.
Advanced work process with focus on quality & information technology.
Ability to handle practically all kinds of woven fabrics from basic cotton voiles to fashionable silk/viscose blends & linens.

Vital Statistics

Production capacity : 18, 00,000 Pcs per annum
Present Utilised capacity: 16, 20,000 Pcs per annum

Turnover Details

2014-2015 US$ 14.50 millions. 
2013-2014 US$ 11.95 millions. 
2012-2013 US$ 11.45 millions.
2011-2012 US$ 11.18 millions.
2010-2011 US$ 11.30 millions